One of the features of KudoGram that doesn't get a lot of attention, but really gives it a lot of power is the option to CC all of the messages to one address. 

You can copy all of your messages back to a gmail account and have IFTTT (If-This-Then-That) watch that address. This unlocks a lot of possibilities. You could for instance flash a light every time you send a message out.

An example that's maybe a bit more practical.
Let's say for instance every teacher of a high school is using KudoGram to send messages back to parents. They could all be sending copies of the messages back to the same email address. IFTTT can watch that email address, and put a row into a spreadsheet. Administration would then have a searchable record of every time a parent was contacted and by which teachers. Reports could then be generated on the data and each month the student who got the most positive messages sent home could get a reward of some sort. 

A school that was really open with their information could even plug that data into a statusboard and have an ongoing leaderboard of which kids get the most positive messages sent home.